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What our customers are saying

Both these ladies will bring your dreams to reality. By having a meeting of the minds with what you have always imagined and the unique touches that Amber & Andrea provide, there is no doubt the outcome will have your guests completely in awe. They have impeccable organizational skills and are here to make everything simple from your first meeting until after the reception!

Meagan DeCanto

Lacey Sacco Colstock

 We would have been completely lost without her.

When the DJ showed up without all of our music, she handled it in a matter of minutes. I still don’t know how exactly she fixed it but she did.

Every time I asked her if something was done throughout the night, it had already been taken care of. I never had to actually ask her for anything because she was 10 steps ahead of me all night long. She anticipated our every need. If anything else went wrong, big or small, I never even knew about it.

We had our dogs in the wedding and she even made sure they were ok all night. In fact, at one point the gelato I was holding from our gelato cart started to melt as I was talking to her and some dripped and landed on top of my dogs head. Without skipping a single beat, with no napkins in arms reach, she gently wiped his face with the hem of her dress. It is honestly one of my favorite moments from the reception because she cared for my dogs just like they were her own.

She is so completely customer service focused and will move mountains to make your event perfect. You will not find a sweeter or more genuinely capable person to work with for your event.

Rachel Matthews

I recently went to a wedding at the Rialto Theater planned by Copper & Lace and it was an A+ exquisite event! No details were spared, and when the night came to an end I didn't want to leave! I highly recommend them - you won't be disappointed.

Jacqueline Moline

Planning is done on a very personal level to suit the client. A lot of thought goes into the event being planned.

Gregg Laurenzana

Amber and Andrea are seriously the best!! Had a meeting with they yesterday, got so much accomplished. These 2 are so creative and innovative. I mean seriously, who else would think of 2 grand entrance announcements! It's going to be epic!! I can't wait!!!!

Judy Seifert

These ladies are truly dedicated to making your event not only memorable but also unique. They will make the event truly yours and not a cookie cutter of some else’s.

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